One of the most distinctive features of Ethiopia is the Great Rift Valley (which constitutes the northern part of the East African Rift Valley) runs through the entire length of the country in a northeast and southwest direction. The Ethiopian rift valley and its surroundings are known for their hot and arid areas, past and recent volcanic activities and fossilized remains of man and other vertebrate.

Ethiopia is also known for its long history and historical records; diverse traditional societies; sites that are among the most valued and admired by Christians, Muslims, and Jews; beautiful lakes, rivers and other wetlands that have diverse and unique wild plant and animal resources. Ethiopia is famous tourist attractions include: the Axum Obelisk of Tigray; the rock hewn churches of Lalibela, the Island Monasteries of Lake Tana, the famous Castles of Gondar, The Simien Mountains National Park of the Amhara National regional State; the South Omo Unique wilderness and cultural heritage sites of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State; the Old city of Harar, The Bale Mountains National Park and the Sokomar Cave of the Oromia National Regional State; and the unique and beautiful natural and cultural sites of the Gambella National Regional State.

Out of Ethiopia's known cultural, historical and natural resources; seven have already been recognizes by UNESCO as world heritage sites.


Major Touristic Opportunists in Ethiopia
                 » Strategic Location and proximity to the tourist markets and attractions of Europe, the Middle East and Africa
» Attractive Climate and Topography that made Ethiopia known as a country of 13 months of sunshine, a country with the fourth highest     ..peak in Africa (Ras Dashen), and with one of the few below sea level places in the world (Danakil Depression).

Important Tourist Attractions
                 » Historical and cultural destinations including seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
» A Rift Valley that is known for its hot and arid areas, past and recent volcanic activities, wildlife and fossilized remains of past ancestors of man ...and other vertebrates including the famous Lucy.
» Scenic and diverse habitats which include lakes, rivers, other wetlands and diverse and unique wild plant and animal species
» Most valued and admired Religious and holy sites highly revered by Christians, Muslim, and Jews;
» Ethiopian Airline, a reliable and well connected air travel service to and from Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA .


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